What if…

…you could share Christ through a simple signature?

A signature is a powerful tool. When you sign a document – marriage license, mortgage, check, etc. – you are giving your pledge that you will honor the contents of the document you’re signing. Your signature represents you… your character and your integrity. But, have you ever considered that your signature might be a powerful witnessing tool?

One document that often doesn’t receive a signature is a Last Will and Testament. Statistics show that as many as 70% of Americans do not have a properly executed Will. The sad truth for many Christians is that NOT signing this document means that an opportunity to share values, desires, and a Christian testimony is missed. You see, a Will is a great tool for sharing God’s blessings with family and with ministry. In fact, most Americans have the opportunity to give the largest single gift they will ever be able to make through the execution of their Christian Will! Imagine how many lives might be touched for Christ through your legacy gift to your church or other ministry! Your simple signature on your Christian Will… a powerful tool!

Christian estate planning is all about providing for your family and providing resources for the Lord’s work. The Foundation staff would love to help you get started with a new estate plan or with revising your plan. It’s really simple.

Call the Foundation office (800-723-7242 ext. 8000) OR go to our online Estate Plan Organizer (EPO), a guided, self-paced estate planning tool that allows you to seriously think about your desires and wishes for your estate plan in a safe, secure manner from the comfort of your own home!

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