The number one reason people do not leave a bequest or other type of legacy gift to the church is… nobody asked! Universities and hospitals are asking and you’ll find that most have accumulated large endowments. Someone in your congregation might have never considered a legacy gift simply because they were never asked.

Pathways to Tomorrow is designed to help churches cast a vision for the future, raise awareness of the impact of legacy giving on future ministry goals, and motivate church members to action through completion of their personal legacy plans. The principles in the program are based on the emphases of many churches that have already experienced the joy of success. Churches have raised millions of dollars and changed many lives through legacy ministry programs and Pathways to Tomorrow provides the tools your church will need to implement and sustain a program that will provide benefits for years to come.

Through Pathways to Tomorrow, your church will receive hands-on facilitation and materials needed to train a legacy ministry team to implement a program customized for your church. Foundation staff provides training, educational materials, promotional ideas, and legacy planning resources for church members.

Pathways to Tomorrow Brochure

To receive additional information or to request a consultant to make a Pathways to Tomorrow presentation to your church leadership, contact the Foundation (Toll-Free 800-723-7242 (ext. 8000) / Columbia Area 803-227-6193) or complete the form below and someone from the Foundation will contact you:

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