Investment Management Fee Schedule (effective 11/1/2020)

The Baptist Foundation of South Carolina is committed to providing the highest possible professional services at the lowest price. Our mission is funded in part by Administrative Fees that offset expenses for services rendered. The Board of Trustees establishes administrative fee rates based on the service and support required by each class of account. 

The Foundation’s fees are charged at the fund level as follows:

[wptb id=1922]

Fees listed above include all Foundation-provided services except cost-recovery fees. Cost-recovery fees are billed separately at the account level and include costs incurred by the Foundation on behalf of the account such as tax preparation, separate asset management, online giving, realtor fees, etc.

Each investment manager invests in mutual or actively-managed funds, which carry management and operating expenses that are reflected in the unit or asset value of the pool’s investments.  These expenses are netted from earnings prior to reporting.  Total charges to the Foundation are blended rates, dependent upon the rates in effect for each manager, as they may change from time to time.

  • Fees are all-inclusive.
  • There is no required minimum balance.
  • There is no early withdrawal penalty.
  • Returns reported are net of all fees.

The Fee Schedule may be modified at any time at the discretion of the Baptist Foundation of South Carolina Board of Trustees.