The Baptist Foundation of South Carolina believes that it is essential that we operate with a proven process built on our core beliefs as Christians, while striving to be as academically sound and professional as anyone in the secular market. We know that every dollar entrusted to us is God's money that has been given by Christian stewards for God's purposes.

Our investment process is founded upon three core principles:

    ~ Asset allocation (or how the investments are mixed) is the most crucial decision in structuring any portfolio.
    ~ Downside protection is important in every portfolio.
    ~ Transparency is essential in all areas of investing, including management and associated fees.

One of our main objectives is to achieve the desired investment return of various accounts while incurring the least amount of risk possible. The Foundation reviews the risk (or loss of capital) associated with each asset class as it implements various portfolio allocations. In addition, investments are screened to avoid companies that are involved with alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pornography and abortion related goods and services.

With these core principles and the assistance from an institutional consultant, the Foundation utilizes multiple professional money managers to structure investment portfolios available to churches and ministries. This investment process makes the Foundation as academically sound as any secular institutions or endowment providing similar services.

Find out more information about each of the Foundation's investment funds by reviewing the links below:


  • The Foundation's model portfolio for long-term investments consists of a blend in the global equity, real assets, fixed income and income performance funds. The Palmetto Fund is a long-term investment for individuals, churches and endowments that require annual spending and real growth. More


  • The Global Stock Fund consists of publicly traded equities from all over the world. The Fund will be diversified by utilizing several institutional money managers who differ in style and size. More
  • The Bond Fund consists of publicly traded bonds of varied maturities. The fund will be high quality (A rated or better) US only securities. More
  • The Income Performance Fund consists of strategies that provide high current income, with low correlation to traditional stock and bond funds. More
  • The Real Assets Fund consists of US farmland, timber, and energy investments, diversified by manager, region, and size.
  • The Money Market Fund consists of short-term US high quality money market funds. More
Additional information about investing with the Foundation can be found at the links below:

    Ministries maintaining agency accounts may choose to invest totally in one of the individual funds or in choose a blend of funds based on their individual investment objectives. The investor chooses whether earnings will be reinvested or dispersed directly to them.

    Ministries that are investing for the long-term may also choose to invest in the Palmetto Fund that utilizes the Foundation's preferred long-term investment strategy.

    Agency accounts are allocated as prescribed by the owning institution. Endowment and living trust accounts are allocated according to the Foundation’s Palmetto Fund.


    Funds to be invested are initially placed in the money market fund until the first business day of the month following the date the funds are received. Monies are then allocated according to the investment allocation for the account.

    Management fees generated through investment with the Baptist Foundation of SC are some of the lowest around! More