• Higher probability of greater return over a long term than CDs and money markets
  • Funds consist of a variety of security types and classes
  • Market funds – possibility of negative returns

Who Should Invest:
Investors seeking competitive income with long-term growth potential, who are comfortable with greater volatility than CDs, money markets and T-Bills. The fund may be used to diversify a balanced portfolio containing common stocks to lower overall variability of returns.

Strategy: The fund consists of a AA rated portfolio of investment grade bonds with an emphasis on lower and moderate duration securities. The portfolio is well-diversified among several categories including: US Treasuries and agency securities, commercial and residential mortgage-backed securities, asset-backed securities, corporate bonds and high-grade global fixed income securities.

Notes:  Funds are not FDIC insured. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Returns are net of money management fees. For your information, the invested funds managed by the Foundation are exempt from registration requirements of the federal securities laws.

Historical performance of the Fixed Income Fund against relevant benchmarks is available upon request.