Investing in Kingdom Growth

through Seed Financial Services, Inc.

Certificates of Growth (COGs) are fixed rate instruments that provide opportunities for South Carolina Baptist Convention (SCBC) affiliated individuals, churches, and ministries to actively invest in church and Kingdom growth!

How it works:  COG investors receive a competitive fixed return on a time investment. COG funds are then used to assist in the financing of projects for new or existing South Carolina Baptist churches at affordable rates.

Through investment in COGs, YOU are helping churches get the resources they need to fuel their Gospel mission through growing and enhancing their facilities. In this way, SC Baptists help other SC Baptists!

We will offer Certificates of Growth only in South Carolina. Certificates of Growth are offered only by the Offering Circular. Please click below for complete details and to view the Offering Circular.

Who can participate?


Members of SCBC churches who are seeking a fixed rate of return can invest in church growth with a minimum deposit of $1,000! COGs can be registered in individual or joint ownership, and they allow for beneficiary designations.


SCBC churches and affiliated ministries and institutions seeking an investment alternative that provides fixed income can actively invest in other SCBC churches and ministries!

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

– Matthew 6:21, CSB

How long can I invest?

All interest rates are quoted as fixed annualized rates and are available for the following terms

Interested in applying?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not listed below, contact us at 803-227-6000 or

A $1,000 minimum investment is required.

Yes, our COGs for individuals allow you to have up to 2 joint owners in addition to the primary owner.

Yes. You can name beneficiaries and designate how funds are to be divided if there are multiple beneficiaries.

No. Our Offering Circular is only for members of SC Baptist Convention churches or SC Baptist Convention-affiliated churches and organizations.

You choose. Interest can be paid at maturity, annually, or monthly and will be sent to you via direct deposit to your bank. Interest paid monthly will be paid at the COG rate. Interest paid annually will earn the APY due to compounding of interest.

The COG rate is the percentage of interest paid monthly. 

The APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is the interest rate earned if interest is paid annually due to compounding.  Since interest is compounded monthly, any COGS with an annual or at maturity distribution will result in the COG rate being paid on interest earned the previous month(s) and therefore higher interest paid to you.

COG terms are 1-year, 3-years, and 5 years. You can find a listing of current rates for each term here.

COGs are investment instruments only. Unlike charitable donations, COGs are term investments in which you can receive the full invested amount back. There is no charitable deduction for a COG.