Brown’s Chapel Baptist Church recently entered into a capital campaign and made the decision to take advantage of the leadership and skills of the Baptist Foundation of South Carolina to assist us with the campaign. This was the first experience our church had working with the Foundation and we were very pleased with the results. Their leadership and experience was incredible from beginning to end. If you are praying for direction concerning a capital campaign, I would highly recommend the Baptist Foundation!
- Ralph Jett, Pastor

Reveal God’s Plan is designed to help raise funds for constructing new buildings, renovating outdated facilities or multiple other things to help your church move forward. The principles in the program are based on the emphases of many churches that have already experienced the joy of success. Churches have raised millions of dollars and changed many lives by following this plan.

As with any other effective emphasis, Reveal God’s Plan requires dedicated church leaders. The emphasis’ success depends upon three major factors:

  1. The thoroughness with which each step is carried out
  2. The spirit of the church and the commitment of its members
  3. The willingness to follow the consultants advice

When a congregation decides to conduct a Reveal God’s Plan emphasis and challenges its members to give financially to a fundraising emphasis, the congregation is saying two important things:

To itself, it says, “We are alive! We are not dead! We have a future,” an affirmation that a congregation needs if it is to be the Lord’s people in mission.
To others, it says, “We care about you! We are concerned about your needs,” a witness that must be given if others are to be successfully confronted with the claims of Christ upon their lives, and if the congregation is to have any impact beyond its own life.

Reveal God’s Plan provides many benefits:

  • Results in a deeper spiritual commitment and involvement.
  • Saves on long-term interest payments.
  • Discovers and develops new giving sources.
  • Develops a stronger leadership base.
  • Often results in increased budget receipts during the 156-week program cycle.
  • Provides a time of spiritual renewal.
  • Strengthens future financial giving patterns.


You should schedule a Reveal God’s Plan emphasis when:

  • Church leadership is committed to setting the tone for the program.
  • There is congregational consensus that a Stewardship Campaign is necessary.
  • There is a need for dollars beyond the scope of regular church budget offerings.
  • An adequate space study and an architectural sketch is completed, if the campaign is for a building program.
  • There is ample time on the church calendar to devote primary attention to the emphasis.
  • A congregational analysis is completed.
  • There is need for outside direction that a Reveal God’s Plan Consultant can offer.


To receive additional information or to request a consultant to make a Reveal God’s Plan presentation to your church leadership, contact the Foundation (Toll-Free 800-723-7242 (ext. 8000) / Columbia Area 803-227-6193) or complete the form below and someone from the Foundation will contact you:

Reveal God's Plan Information Request