As the Foundation staff has visited with church finance and stewardship committees over the past few years, two common themes have been heard: 1) churches and ministries want to get a good return on their investment of the Lord's money; and 2) churches and ministries want to take advantage of market trends without having to keep up with all the complicated asset types and classes. In other words, they want value and they want simplicity.

    The Foundation staff has listened to these concerns and have responded in a positive way! Our solution... offer funds that provide a diversified investment portfolio, while simplifying investment choices. The Baptist Foundation offers five simplified and well-balanced socially screened investment funds with different investment objectives and characteristics.

    All Baptist Foundation of South Carolina investment portfolios are socially restricted, to eliminate issuers whose primary business and preponderance of income is derived from the production and sale of tobacco products, gambling-related products and services, alcoholic consumables, or sexually-oriented publications or materials.

    Find out more information about each of the Foundation's investment funds and their current returns by clicking on the links below:


  • This Fund realizes long-term capital appreciation by investing in a portfolio of high quality domestic and international equities and real estate. More
  • This Fund is for investors seeking income with long-term growth potential and who are comfortable with greater volatility than CDs, money markets, or treasury bills. More
  • This Fund is invested primarily in certificates of deposit and is designed to provide stability, safety and liquidity. More
  • This Fund provides rates comparable to traditional money markets and CDs. More


  • The Foundation's model portfolio for long-term investments consists of a blend in the Equity and Fixed Funds. This long-term growth strategy provides a disciplined approach designed to provide above-average, long-term growth with a lower degree of variability. Endowments and trusts managed by the Foundation are invested in this portfolio. Ministry partners investing long-term or endowed funds have the option of choosing this portfolio to meet their long-term investment needs. More
Additional information about investing with the Foundation can be found at the links below:

    Ministries maintaining agency accounts may choose to invest totally in one of the individual funds or in choose a blend of funds based on their individual investment objectives. The investor chooses whether earnings will be reinvested or dispersed directly to them.

    Ministries that are investing for the long-term may also choose to invest in the Foundation's Composite Portfolio and allow the Foundation to manage their long-term investments.

    Agency accounts are allocated as prescribed by the owning institution. Endowment and living trust accounts are allocated according to the Foundation’s Composite Portfolio.


    Funds to be invested are initially placed in the money market fund until the first business day of the month following the date the funds are received. Monies are then allocated according to the investment allocation for the account.

    Management fees generated through investment with the Baptist Foundation of SC are some of the lowest around! More